• 29 May 2020


    In the past few months we have all been experiencing enormous challenges. Personal and professional life as we know it has completely changed. Confined, we went beyond our personal and professional challenges with which we faced each day.

    Social responsibility and concern for Employees, Partners and Clients is in the genesis of Fado & Food Group. It has always been our motto, being even more reinforced over these months.

    In a first phase, and to guarantee the safety of all our Employees and Clients, we decided – even before the legal obligation – to close all our units and services. This decision was very well received by all the Partners, to whom we take the opportunity to thank the support they gave us.

    Our units were (and still are) closed, but we have, as always, fulfilled our obligations and contracts with all Partners. We also did it, of course, with all our employees.

    Now is time to move forward, to reopen, safely, one by one, all Fado & Food Group units. We decided to start with Clube de Fado, which (re)opens its doors on the 3rd of June.

    A reopening keeping all the safety standards of the past, reinforced with the new recommendations by the official entities and sector associations, so that all the Clients that visit us feel safe and enjoy our passion for Fado and Portuguese Gastronomy.

    We have a new procedures manual, as well as the Clean & Safe seal from Turismo de Portugal in our units, which we will be happy to share with all Partners and Clients, but above all, we know that we have your confidence in our work, and in the safe way we receive all those who visit us.

    “Por muito que se fizer
    Cantando a uma só voz
    Vai sempre o Fado viver
    Porque ele é de todos nós”

    Fado & Food Group