Standing inside, once in the shade that the vine cover provides, you feel like staying here a little, especially when the heat gets hot.

To the right we find a massive black door, adorned with golden hardware; This is the entrance to the Forge.

More than an extension of the restaurant (in front), it is a space that is made with the people who work there and with the people who visit us.

Where it is forged and where you live, with or without the animation of the Great Room.

In the decoration, the black beams contrast with the whiteness of the walls where you can see various props, especially work tools collected in traditional blacksmith’s workshops, and this room was confirmed as Forge.

Another detail that confirms the origin of the name given to this very Portuguese fado house, Timpanas, is the score framed with the hymn sung and whistled by the king of the trachitanas, the taxi driver of ancient times.

Here too the floor is partly uneven by a wooden platform, and in another it displays the beauty of the Portuguese sidewalk.

Not looking at first glance, when we look at it with the usual distributed dining tables, this is a space designed to be used by people who roll up their sleeves to work, who transform it, who forge materials to provide varied events, some of them in private. .

Responds to the demand for some of the most requested products: FIND TASTE (enogastronomic experience) and VINNIC WASTE (wine tasting).